Main Idea


Joy Murrieta

Program Director

Joy Rachelle Murrieta received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Crown College, MN, with a concentration on Vocal Performance. In recognition of her work as a community leader and musician, she was named one of “2017’s People to Watch” by Pulse Magazine and has been featured in Worcester Magazine and The Telegram and GazetteJoy currently works at the Worcester Music Academy, where she teaches children’s music lessons and directs the youth Rock Band and A Cappella programs. Joy is a co-founder of Main IDEA and has been the Program Director for the past six years. “When I was a kid, I had so many opportunities to experience the arts and grow as an artist; Main IDEA is a way for me to be a part of offering those kinds of opportunities to kids in our area who might not otherwise get the chance.”


Cheryl Lindsay

Head Administrator

Cheryl Lindsay will receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Clark University, MA, in 2013. She has been involved with several youth organizations, including “All Kinds of Girls” (Worcester, MA) and “Dutchess Arts Camp” (Poughkeepsie, NY). Cheryl joined Main IDEA in the summer of 2012, and served as the Creative Writing Teacher for the Day-Program. “The arts have provided me with so many incredible, fulfilling opportunities over the years. I became involved with Main IDEA because I am so grateful for these experiences and would love for kids from Main South to have similar ones of their own.”


Jessica Richland

Program Development

Jessica Richland received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and her Bachelor’s Degree in both Studio Art and Psychology from Clark University, MA. She spent her college internship teaching visual art at the “Children’s Art Village,” in India. Jessica is a Co-Founder of Main IDEA and will serve her third year as the Visual Art Teacher for the Day-Program this summer. “I love Main IDEA because it gives kids in Main South the resources and opportunity to explore various art forms, to learn, to reimagine their worlds, express themselves, and just have fun.”


Nate Homer


Nate studied Music Education at Eastern Nazarene College, with a concentration on Piano Performance. Traveling to Jamaica in 2013 and 2010, He worked with local communities near Kingston, doing construction and working with youth. Nate has been the Owner/Operator of local construction company for the past 3 years. 2014 marks Nate’s 2nd year working with Main IDEA.