Main Idea

Main IDEA formed when a group of artists, musicians, and dancers who shared a common dream of seeing an arts community that was open and accessible to everyone came together in Worcester, Massachusetts.

We decided that first step in the process of cultivating this community would be holding a week-long summer program in Main South where kids could have the opportunity to experience a variety of art forms. In the summer of 2011 forty kids took part in dance, visual art, music, and creative drama workshops where they had the opportunity to express themselves in a fun, safe, and supportive environment using some of the fundamental techniques, processes, and elements of these art forms. The week culminated with a showcase where our kids shared with family, friends, and community members what they had imagined and created over the course of the week.

Following the first successful year, Main IDEA continued to grow and change to further our mission of cultivating an arts community in Worcester. Over the next couple of years a creative writing unit was added to our Summer Program, the structure was tweaked so that every child was able to get a taste of each of the five offered art forms, and the open house at the end of the week showcased not only the final products the children had created but the processes they used to get there.

We continue to offer our annual Summer Program as we work to expand Main IDEA to make our vision of a community where children are able to explore the arts and new ways of self-expression a reality.