Main Idea

“Counselors-in-Training” and “Teacher’s Assistants”

Goal: To develop leadership in qualified teenagers and train them to become effective Program Staff at Main IDEA.

Qualifications: “Counselors-in-Training” (CIT’s) and “Teacher’s Assistants” (TA’s) consist of youth ages 13–17 and display a potential for leadership. All applicants must be able to commit all days of the program, as well as attend Staff Training. CIT’s and TA’s do not need to have had previous experience in the arts or as a student/CIT/TA with Main IDEA.

Approach: During the week, CIT’s and TA’s will…

  • Participate in art classes, activities, and team meetings

  • Meet with their Supervisor each day to debrief

  • Shadow a Counselor or Teacher throughout the week

  • Assist their Counselor/Teacher with the responsibilities of their team

  • Complete an evaluation during the course of the program

Role: CIT’s and TA’s aim to learn about Main IDEA’s program and philosophy, and how to effectively lead on team. CIT’s and TA’s will have less responsibilities than adult staff members, though they will participate in many of the same activities and responsibilities; emphasis will be placed on leadership training and development.

Overview: CIT’s and TA’s must be available for the duration of the program and are expected to participate in all activities and outdoor breaks. Complimentary lunch is also provided for all CIT’s and TA’s throughout the week.

Meetings and Responsibilities: CIT’s and TA’s attend all Program Staff Meetings, as well as meetings/team-building with their Supervisor. CIT’s and TA’s are expected to participate fully in all Program Activities, and to assist their counselor as needed.

All CIT/TA’s MUST SUBMIT 1 Reference Form: Available here.