Main Idea

Main IDEA is comprised of people from many different backgrounds, but all of which have found themselves with a heart to effect change in their community with the arts. In the Main South area of Worcester, Massachusetts, there is a great effort to contribute to, and raise awareness for, the value of art; Main IDEA is working to further that initiative. This is why the word “Main” was prioritized as being part of the name.

The first portion of our name recognizes our roots in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts.

The four core values of Main IDEA make up the second portion of our name and are the foundation of everything we do. They are:

Imagination: As a community, we foster an environment where creativity and self-expression are valued.

Discipline: We aim to empower our children with a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence and expect them to engage fully with everything they do.

Exploration: We encourage all of our children to delve into new ways of expressing themselves as they discover the fundamental elements and processes of each art form.

Attitude: We expect every member of our community to respect one another and to maintain a positive attitude.