Main Idea

Executive/Program Director:

Joy Rachelle Murrieta

By combining her love of the arts with her passion for enriching the lives of Worcester’s youth, Joy strives to be a positive influence on the cultivation of the city’s music and arts scene and the empowerment of the city’s next generation.

Director’s Assistant:

Amelia Green

“Throughout my life I have witnessed how powerful art expression is at ameliorating life, especially for youth. Main IDEA allows me to use my passion for quality arts education to create impactful opportunities and meaningful memories for the community.”

Administrative Assistant:

Brett Iarrobino

“I love the energy and honesty I find when I work with younger children and finding common ground to connect with them; seeing moments where they’ve learned something new and revolutionary–‘Lightbulb Moments,’ as I call them–gives me the greatest satisfaction.”

Persis Adonteng

“Main IDEA’s mission to empower youth through the arts is important to me because I believe it is a way to help community youth express and/or find themselves.”

Victoria Torres

“Art to me is a way to make myself heard and to show the world what I’m capable of. It gives me confidence, and helps me be a part of a community much bigger than myself.”

Will McKeon

I believe that the arts are an important tool of self-discovery, and for me have always brought peace of mind, friendship, comradery and deep self-reflection that I’ve never gotten anywhere else. I’ve learned so much about myself and about the world through arts education and I am so excited to help bring this to others!”

Ene Ipole, Volunteer

Main IDEA’s mission reflects the saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ The mission is important to me because I believe that through arts, the youth can discover themselves, and through arts, communities are built.”

Wyatt Hoover

“Main IDEA’s mission to empower youth through the arts is important to me because now more than ever, it is important to give kids and teens the training necessary to become confident, respectful, and creative leaders. Making the arts more accessible to youth will give many the opportunity to express themselves and have creative outlets, especially during this challenging times.”

Xinyang Li

“As a former elementary school teacher, kids are always playing the roles that bring the greatest enjoyment to my life. I hope the joy of arts can be a memorable part of their childhood!”

Kaila Skeet Browning

“I believe art can be empowering for youth because it has the ability to explore one’s own identity, create agency over representation of yourself as an individual as well as your community, and provides space to exercise imagination.”

Cat Waugh

“Art is such an amazing outlet that all kids should have access to; everyone deserves to express themselves in a positive way. Main IDEA brings this to Worcester youth!”

Pamela Picerno

“Main IDEA’s mission is important to me because I believe the arts…are just as necessary to a full education as other subjects. I also think it’s great to get kids interested in the arts and to see them as fun at an early age.”

Laura Gill

“Main IDEA’s mission to empower youth through the arts is important to me because I think access to modes of creative expression is an incredible tool to help children grow and learn about themselves. The resources and encouragement I received related to the arts growing up made a big impact on who I am today.”

Talia Harlow

Art enriches our lives and provides children with outlets for solace, community, self-love, and self-expression. Main IDEA’s mission to empower youth through such influential arts is imperative to their growth as people.”