Main Idea

“Main IDEA at Clark U” is a Clark University Student Club helping Clark artists become involved in the community by volunteering at Main IDEA! Club members volunteer for our programs throughout the year to lead our students in various interactive art activities including music, visual art, dance, creative writing, and drama! As Main IDEA was founded in part by Clark University students and alumni, and our summer program is held annually on campus, Clark University continues to play a foundational role in the relationship built between the organization and the Main South community.


Clark University Students:


Volunteer for Main IDEA!:

Step 1: Register


Step 2: Train

  • Attend a Main IDEA Staff Training Event
  • Staff Training Events occur 1/month; email to request additional info and upcoming dates


Step 3: Sign up


Step 4: Communicate

  • Join “Slack” in order to communicate with Main IDEA about your upcoming volunteering dates/duties
    • Download the “Slack” App, if possible
  • Continually check your email and Slack Notifications to keep updated with your upcoming volunteer dates and duties


Step 5: Create & Send Curriculum (Teachers)

  • Create a Teaching Curriculum using the template provided by Main IDEA
  • Send the Program Director a copy of your curriculum at least 1 week prior to your class (via slack or email)


Step 6: Show Up

  • Make an impact in our community by empowering youth through the Main IDEA programs; be sure to show up where you need to be, when you need to be there
  • Let the Program Director (Joy Murrieta) know within 48 hours if you are unable to volunteer for the program you are scheduled for