Main Idea

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University Park

Worcester, MA

August, 2017

Lead Artist: Jessica Richland

Youth Artists: 2017 Teen Arts Program – Javon, Haley, Maeve

University Park

(Jungle Gym)

Worcester, MA

May, 2018

Lead Artist: Hank VonHellion

Reign Cafe &

Glazy Susan

(DCU Center)

Worcester, MA

Oct, 2020

Lead Artist: John Vo

Youth Artists: Brook (13), Shaquone (18), Edna (15), Rylie (17), Brihana (17), Aiden (15), Leilah (14)

Over 65 youth submitted designs, and seven were chosen to implement into the final mural design, including youth from Main IDEA, the YWCA of Central Mass, South East Asian Coalition, The Hope Coalition, and Worcester Arts Magnet School. Special thank you to Mayor Joe Petty and Councilor Mero-Carlson for stopping by the mural to thank our artists!