Main Idea

Vision, Mission, and Values



“Main IDEA aspires to make the arts accessible to every child in Worcester, empowering them as leaders.”


Main IDEA empowers youth by providing quality accessible arts programs to under-resourced communities.”


“I.D.E.A” Framework

We desire all members to exemplify and cultivate the four core values of our “IDEA” framework: Imagination, Discovery, self-Expression, and a positive Attitude.



Safety and Accountability

Above all, we value the safety of our students and the accountability of our staff to commit to our Code of Conduct and for every member to interact toward one another in a safe and healthy manner.


By providing free arts programming to families and members of local, underprivileged communities, we are committed to breaking down systemic barriers that prevent access to childhood arts education and growth opportunities.


We are committed to providing students with teachers and staff members who portray excellence in their respective fields and exemplify the core values of Main IDEA.

Feasible and Sustainable Programming

We value dedication and commitment from our volunteers and strive to develop and implement feasible and sustainable programming to help ensure our staff perform at their very best


We believe  that respect for the rights, dignity and integrity of others is essential for the well-being of our community.

Empowerment through Verbal Validation

We believe in building self-confidence and self-respect for our community through verbal validation.


We believe that behavior inconsistent with our values should be corrected, rather than punished and condemned.  We train our staff to prevent, or if necessary, transform discriminatory or “bullying” actions and/or dialogue into deeper awareness and respect for diversity, authority, and autonomy.


Our staff and students take responsibility and pride in their work and actions.

Leadership and Encouraging Growth

We value fostering the personal and professional development of our students and staff

Clear Communication

We encourage and facilitate clear communication among all staff and students and foster a safe environment where any and all questions, concerns, and expectations can be freely discussed.

Inclusivity and Celebration of Diversity (Non-Discriminatory Statement)

Main IDEA aims to empower youth in the community by providing quality, accessible arts programs for youth, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Main IDEA is committed to respecting and celebrating the rich diversity of our community and to being voices that reject hate and bigotry in any form. We are committed to correcting and redeeming situations of discord and hatred that may arise within our organization into unity, respect, and celebration of diversity. We are committed to using our collective power to support and protect all of our participants and staff, as well as our community at large, and to challenge, rebuff, and resist any attacks on them based on who they are.