Main Idea

Non-Discriminatory Statement

Main IDEA aims to provide accessibility to quality arts programs for children in the Main South community, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Main IDEA is committed to respecting and celebrating the rich diversity of the students in our program. We are committed to being voices that reject any hate and bigotry within our program. We are committed to correcting and redeeming situations of discord and hate that may arise within our program into unity, respect, and celebration of diversity. We are committed to use our collective power to support and protect all of our students in our program, and to challenge, rebuff, and resist any attacks on any of our students and staff based on who they are.



We seek to accomplish our goals at Main IDEA by making sure we are “all S.E.T.”:

Safety: conducting our responsibilities in a physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe manner

Empowerment: building up campers and staff through positive reinforcement

Teamwork: depending on each other with a positive and cooperative attitude