Main Idea

Claremont Summer Music Program

In partnership with 21st Century Schools

ONLINE ONLY; July 6-31st, 2020

  • Free of cost to participants!
  • Music Focus: Ukulele Lessons
  • Weekly Live Video Classes; Pre-recorded Arts Workshops
  • This Program is available for Claremont Academy students students entering Grades 7, 8 and 9 in the Fall 2020.


Ukulele Resources:

Class 1: Ukulele Intro

  1. Parts of the ukulele, string names, C, Am, F chords

  2. 5 Best Free Ukulele Tuner Apps

  3. How to Tune Your Ukulele

  4. Basic Ukulele Chords



  1. “Stay with Me”

  2. “Just the Way You Are”

  3. “Riptide”